ECG Testing Labs in Dombivali

A referral from your primary care physician or a specialist cardiologist is necessary. Your doctor’s request form will specify which cardiac services are required: Blood pressure monitoring, Holter monitoring, or an electrocardiogram are all options. ECG Testing Labs in Dombivali

Is ECG test possible at home?

You may record medical quality ECG with our ECG monitoring equipment at any time and from any location. It is the world’s first US-FDA authorised 6-lead personal ECG gadget, capable of recording your ECG in under 30 seconds and sharing it with your cardiologist at Medanta for real-time monitoring.

Can ECG detect heart blockage?

An ECG can detect signs of blocked arteries. A CT coronary angiography, on the other hand, can detect plaque accumulation and identify artery blockages, which can lead to a heart attack.

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